About Us

Samurai exports located in Jaipur, India started back in 1975 with a small antiques shop, owned by TarachandGoel. Influenced by Indian heritage, culture and architecture he started a small manufacturing unit which was converted to an authentic, visionary brand by his sons Tarun and Arun goel.
We have furnishings to suit any style -from traditional and transitional to contemporary and modern. 
Our signature style combines European classism with a modern sensibility. Our furniture is inspired from many period styles, but our favorite are 17th and 18th century classics which reflects a level of honesty and integrity in our designs.
Since 1975 the company has been producing sofas,chairs,consoles, benches and many more of the finest quality, all of which are great in any settings , any seasons.
Every samurai exports piece is hand crafted, using different techniques and tools. We insist on doing things which are complex, labor intensive, tried and  tested with best quality available because we know minute details make a lot of difference.
Our entire range of products tells a story.
Rajasthan is famous for its handicrafts and we here at samurai exports believe in spirit of craftsmanship. Our work rooms are filled with our multi-talented craftsmen.
 Samurai’s Exports buyers include the finest antique and specialty stores in Europe and the United States. We are pleased to tell you who, on request.

We look forward to adorning your home and business with furniture which will make you proud.